Meet Your New Blues Guitar Teacher

Do you feel like there's "nothing new" out there when it comes to cool guitar tricks and techniques? Do you find yourself searching and yearning for something fresh, new and exciting in the world of blues? Here's the cold, hard truth about blues guitar playing:

Some players seem to "get it" quickly and become good players fast, while others struggle and suffer for what seems like an eternity. What's going on here?

The "gifted ones" get the chops, get the gigs... and some even get to party with legends.

On the other hand, many guitarists scramble and languish for decades, hustling just to be mediocre, maybe getting a gig or two if they're lucky.

Are you Ready to Play Some Killer Blues Guitar? And the saddest part is that most blues players don't even get that far -- they throw in the towel before they can even really play that dream sound that they hear in their heads.

Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing this. That's why I've dedicated my life to giving you the answers, the solutions and the truth. Check out more great guitar lessons at

Blues Guitar Lesson by Jimmy Dillon