You're about to get the straight-scoop from a real west coast guitar hero who's played the blues live with Keb Mo, B.B. King, Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, John Lee Hooker, Luther Allison, and other legends, and he's ready to share the unfiltered truth about blues guitar with you...

Dear Blues Guitarist,

Do you feel like there's "nothing new" out there when it comes to cool guitar tricks and techniques? Do you find yourself searching and yearning for something fresh, new and exciting in the world of blues?

Here's the cold, hard truth about blues guitar playing:

Some players seem to "get it" quickly and become good players fast, while others struggle and suffer for what seems like an eternity. What's going on here?

The "gifted ones" get the chops, get the gigs... and some even get to party with legends.

On the other hand, many guitarists scramble and languish for decades, hustling just to be mediocre, maybe getting a gig or two if they're lucky.

Are you Ready to Play
Some Killer Blues Guitar?

And the saddest part is that most blues players don’t even get that far -- they throw in the towel before they can even really play that dream sound that they hear in their heads.

Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing this. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to giving you the answers, the solutions and the truth.

What’s REALLY Keeping You From
Becoming An Amazing Blues Guitarist?

Here's one solution: You need a great teacher who’s ready, willing, and able to share his professional, stage-tested blues guitar secrets with you.

That’s why I’m so excited about Rockin the Blues Dexlue from Jimmy Dillon.

As passionate as I am about blues guitar, I recognize that a lot of us feel we've already "seen it all" with the same old blues shuffle riffs and pentatonic licks.

The magic of this course is that Jimmy opens up a fresh bag of blues styles, sounds and grooves that will really take your blues playing to new places.

Jimmy Dillon wants to
teach you the blues.

Bust Through Your Blues Rut
And Burst Into The Insider World
Of Proven Pro Blues Guitar Secrets With
Jimmy Dillon's Rockin' The Blues Deluxe.

Yes, you can learn some awesome new blues guitar grooves with this brand new set of 3 DVDs and and tabs. It's got everything from traditional acoustic blues, to modern electric styles, to how to practice...

You'll learn exactly how to do it. You're gonna go past the same stale stuff that's been shown 1000 times and really unlock some hot new sounds from your guitar.

With no further ado, here's some of the kick ass stuff you're about to learn and discover:

Blues is a simple but
powerful music.
  • We kick off the fun with some red hot acoustic blues in the key of E. It's simple but it sounds seriously powerful. And Jimmy will show you how to take it to new places like Eric Clapton or John Lee Hooker does. 4:04
  • Learn the difference between "acoustic style" and "texas style" and several voicings of the critical chords. You'll be adding exciting variety to your blues from day one. 4:46
  • Keb Mo, Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder -- they all use the famous "claw hammer" style. This gives you tons of flavor. Jimmy gives you the recipe to this "secret sauce". 5:35
  • Give your blues that sexy strut with some hot hammer-ons and gorgeous Dom7 chords. You can drop this in any studio session and every producer will give you "the nod". 6:02
  • Want the "WOW" factor? Then use the "deluxe" touch with chiming, ringing strings and sonic harmonizations. This was a favorite move of blues legend Paul Butterfield. 8:02
  • Classic turnarounds... How to generate "millions of them" by creating your own combinations while avoiding tedious memorization of theoretical nonsense... 10:31.
  • Colorful "chord signal changes" which tell the listener that you're heading toward a chord change. It's one of the most powerful ways to build up tension! 12:41

Savor The Thrills, Joys
And Spectacular Emotions Of
Rockin' The Blues With
Absolute Authority,
Epic Feel And Air-Tight Technique.

  • Master the "pinch". It's a subtle touch that sounds juicy and crunchy. Best of all: it takes 2 seconds to learn. 13:59
  • Want a SUPER powerful trick? You'll get one... when Jimmy shows you how to flow all over the chord changes with smooth walkups. Learn this and you can use it in any blues, in any key. And then Jimmy will show how to make it even more "deluxe" by adding in some open strings in the exact right spots. 15:06.
  • How "BLUE" can you get? Tickle the root get down and dirty in the Delta with some passionate melodies. You'll get the same dark, emotional sound that usually took 3 bottles of Jack Daniels' to hit. Best of all: NO HANGOVER! 16:35
  • If you have the blues in your heart and soul, then you have the right attitude to play the blues, and Jimmy will show you how to easily tap into your inner blues feel. 18:57

"Get in the groove with
some low-down dirty blues."
  • Stock up on new tricks with several cool Chicago blues licks that you add to your arsenal. Jimmy reveals the foolproof map so you can weave them together seamlessly with the Delta licks and create stunning new ideas. 20:25
  • Command respect with the "BIG D" (Hint: It's NOT a "D chord"). You can make your playing sound magical by adding the right "ebb and flow" and "ride the wave". You'll engage the audience and groove with the band. This is a MUST-KNOW secret for any working musician. 23:06
  • Think you've "seen and heard it all" with the blues? Think again... There's a new kind of minor blues in town that's guaranteed to "bring the fresh". It automatically gives you some sharp new insights that will launch you into an endless stream of cool, creative ideas. 27:32
  • Learn the mystical minor 13 chord. A great little nugget of guitar wisdom that you'll never forget. Get the exact voicing that Jimmy uses at 27:55.

Learning Blues Guitar
Doesn't Have to be Painful.

Playing blues guitar is a blast.
  • If you're not a fingerstyle guitarist, don't worry, Jimmy shows you how to sound just as groovin with your pick. That's the great thing about "Rockin the Blues Deluxe", there's many styles and sounds to choose from. 29:52
  • Learn "the bluesiest of all chords" and also how to add in spicy licks and runs with your blues patterns. 30:27.
  • Get the modern-day "giggy" attitude in your playing. It's a new hybrid blues hip-hop flavor, but also timeless. Like Jimmy says: "What's old is new". Ben Harper's got nothing on you. Get the goodies at 34:04.
  • How to combine the majestic Major7 chords in with your blues. Transport everyone around you into a beautiful, magical place. You'll feel like you're floating in a bouncy castle surrounded by velvet fur. 34:22.
  • How to master the "4 Ts" of Blues: Tone, Touch, Timing, and Taste. Pay close attention at 35:38.

Mastering "The 4 T's" Can
Help You Create Better Blues Solos.

  • Everyone talks about "telling a story" with the blues. However, Jimmy gives you a whole new way to do it by weaving single-note lines together with sexy chord passages. 36:18
  • Exotic chord progressions that conjure ethereal vibes... Think beyond blues/folk/jazz... You’re officially entering the 5th dimension with this one. 38:20.
  • Jimmy switches to open tuning to show some epic techniques and sounds. This reminds me of Led Zeppelin's most sublime acoustic guitar grooves. 41:03

Learn some epic acoustic blues...

Improve Your Blues Chops Now
With Proven Techniques and Methods.

  • Deep, rich sounds and new ways to play the I-IV-V progressions. This is also great if you just want to strum and don't want to get into fancy picking patterns. 47:05
  • Explore an unexpected place that will have you throwing wicked twists and turns into your licks and riffs. Best part: You can use just 1 finger to create these fresh sounds. 48:48
  • How to add "internal melodies" , which are basically melodies within your chords. This is another Jimmy Page trademark. 49:43.

Here’s more great stuff:

  • Learn another PHAT style, influenced by the late, great Reverend Gary Davis. The best part is that Jimmy shows you how to avoid the difficult picking patterns. You'll be up and running in a few minutes. 52:03

...and rockin' electric blues too.

Learn The Blues Secrets of the Masters:
John Lee Hooker, Z.Z. Top,
and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Yes you might jam with legends
someday too. (Robin Williams).
  • An epic picking pattern that you can use in the blues. What's even better is that you can use this with every other style too. 56:01
  • The "endless tension" chord that you can play as long as you want... It's perfect for a blues improve and it sounds POWERFUL when you move back to the root. 58:53
  • You're gonna LOVE these unusual voicings and chords (Not the same old boring stuff). This isn't difficult but it can take years to figure out without someone like Jimmy showing us what to do. 99.9% of guitarists will NEVER learn these tricks. 1:00:48
  • Jimmy puts the HURT in "Mississipi John Hurt" Chicago blues. Another sophisticated blues style that Jimmy brings down to earth and makes simple. 1:02:04
  • How to play slide guitar. It's really freaking hard UNLESS you watch these DVDs because there's a few key points you need to know. Plus: also how to play slide and fingerstyle at the same time. 1:06:20
  • More alternate chords and how you can use them to build epic singer/songwriter grooves and create amazing songs. 1:09:15.

And there's way too many other secrets, tricks and techniques that I didn't even mention...

That's Just Disc 1.
There's Tons More Lessons...

Jimmy tears every section apart including the rhythm, the lead and the overdubs. No stone is left unturned in this amazing DVD.

Also -- the camera angles, video quality and editing is the best yet. Never before has Jimmy's playing been so crystal clear. You'll see hear and feel every note he plays. When you combine that with Jimmy's amazing teaching skills, you have the formula for a perfect learning tool.

You'll command respect when
you can play the blues like a pro.

On DVD #2, we move from the swampy Delta acoustic sound into what Jimmy calls "Big City Blues". This was a big part of the evolution of the blues.

Here's some of the sweet powerful blues secrets you're about to discover:

First, the "Jump Blues" style. There are few things as smooth and groovy in the blues world. It's a great way to get any crowd's head bobbing along with your rhythm. What's cool is that your fingers will barely be moving. These are the kinds of simple guitar grooves that sounds GREAT. Better to learn it now from Jimmy than spend years in smokey blues bars wondering if you'll ever get it... Here's more:

Ascension of the blues with Keb Mo.
  • Tap into the power of professionally arranged horn sections -- and easily duplicate them on your guitar. Jimmy stole these secrets from one his buddies (who's the best horn player in San Franscisco). This will give your playing an incredible "swinging sound". Check it out 7:32
  • Learn how to get the super tight "stutter sound" -- it's how you create a really dramatic sound and feel with a really simple smokin' riff. 12:41.
  • Proven, undeniable right-hand picking blues tricks that auto-magically make you sound like a seasoned blues veteran. 13:50.
  • A classic KILLER Stevie Ray Vaughan note that you can plug-and-play into any riff your playing. It's punches, chops and knocks out the listener. It truly COMMANDS RESPECT. 18:04.
  • Transform into a hot "blues boogie child" with some addictive boogie riffs. These are great whether you're playing with a band or solo. 20:30.
  • Learn a fail-proof way to start any blues solo. You just can't go wrong with this trick. 24:33.
  • CAT SCRATCH YOUR STRING? Yes! Another insider trick that sounds absoluely killer (no, It's not the same ole' pick scraping technique). 26:20.

Believe it or not, Dana Carvey
takes lessons from Jimmy, too!
  • How to capture Z.Z. Top's powerful Texas blues sound (without spending 10 years growing an epic beard). 29:05.

Want to Blow People Away
with Your Blues Guitar Solos?

  • Jimmy just makes your life easier than ever by showing you how to achieve "economy of motion" -- which means you BARELY MOVE your fingers yet it sounds like you're dominating every note with absolute authority.
  • Learn a relatively unknown bend technique callled "The back street bend". It's one of these simple flashy moves that will really blow people away. 31:53.

Jimmy's ready to share
the keys to the blues.
  • Can you really play some sweet blues lead guitar with 3 simple licks? Jimmy shows you how... This is rock-solid blues at it's BEST. 33:00.
  • The key to becoming a blues master is how to go back and forth between all of these licks with flavor and SPICE. It all gets explained, and decoded into a super simple way. 36:41.
  • Make your transitions sound much better by doing this 1 simple little trick. Watch carefully -- it will make every thing you do sound so much better, tighter and cleaner. 39:22.
  • John Lee Hooker's sweetest sound secrets get revealed. Jimmy actually met John and recorded with him. So HE KNOWS what's really went on inside that legend's mind. 41:10.
  • Ragtime blues gets explored, explained and simplified by Jimmy. It's a really cool smooth groove that can broaden your repertoire dramatically. But actually, it's a beginner pattern that anyone can learn even if you're just starting to play on the guitar. 48:00.

Watch These Awesome DVDs and
Start Learning Killer Blues Guitar.

It just keeps on going and going with a relentless charge for blues greatness on Disc 3:

  • Jimmy channels Jimi! If you're a Hendrix nut like me, you'll really appreciate this next lesson using funky blues chords and the wah pedal. 1:28
  • How make your guitar cry and moan using some simple wah tricks. 5:34
  • How to "juice a set of chords" and create killer rhythm tracks. It's not complicated, but sounds totally pro. 8:14
  • The secret of "target tones". Your friends will wonder how you always seem to land on the perfect note every single freakin time. 9:54
  • An old trick that Clapton loves to use to take your licks up and down the neck and get different tonalities. Use this and you'll sound like an accomplished player immediately -- the last thing you want is to sound like is an old stale buffoon that everybody laughs at 10:58

Jimmy with blues legend Eric Clapton.

How To Free Yourself From
The Drudgery Of Boring Guitar Scales
And Brain-Numbing Practice.

Jimmy with Grammy winner Lorin Rowan.
  • What's cool is... You can stay within 3 or 4 notes and sound like you're dominating the fretboard, no matter what you play! Watch at 12:01
  • Jimmy just keeps pouring out goodies from his magical bag of tricks, including more wah pedal phrasing, groovy bouncy licks, white-hot chromatic runs, and the knock-out "James Brown" chord move. 15:21
  • Learn to use "punctuation" and spacing in your leads. This can double your musicality, and give your solos that TNT punch factor almost instantly. 17:32
  • Introducing the "feel the funk" rhythm technique inspired by James Brown and Prince, including some very special funk-blues chords. 19:21
  • "Other-worldly tricks" that you can throw in at the end of the song and dissolve beautifully like an alka seltzer tablet and fade out perfectly. 22:59
  • Discover the Keith Richards-meets-Chuck Berry rhythm style. An amazing banquet of delicious guitar sounds and juicy licks. 24:37
  • You might already know the classic I-IV-V blues shuffle pattern. Now go to the next level as Jimmy will show you how to apply it over different rhythms. You'll also see how can embellish it and make it sound even smoother than your fantasy girl's sweet whispers. 27:33

Jimmy with blues legend
John Lee Hooker.
  • Fuse together: the Chuck Berry swing feel , the Duane Eddy sound, and other classic vibes into your blues playing to manifest an epic, undeniable sonic wall of coolness. 29:03
  • The Major/Minor feel, and how Keith Richards used funky double stops to win respect from guitarists around the world (even while he was wasted beyond belief). 32:39

It's all about the 4 T's:
Touch, tone, timing and taste.
  • My favorite lesson: "The Slow Burn". Nothing sounds more amazing than some heartfelt wailing over a deep slow blues groove. Hendrix, Clapton, and SRV's most epic tracks followed this formula to a T... 34:25
  • The "blues climb". This is one of the slickest ideas in the "Stormy Monday" progression, but you can use it in completely different ways too. You'll learn how the Beatles used it, and also how Hendrix added in arpeggios and R&B licks to it. Great stuff and it all intertwines into a majestic quest with you in the middle of the story. 38:18

Many Blues Styles Are
Explained and Simplified:
From Acoustic Delta Blues to
Electric Big City Blues
And Everything in Between.

  • The Texas Shuffle. Another epic sound that you have to know! If you're a blues lover, you won't want to miss this lesson, believe you me :-). See 39:48
  • How to create "low solos" using the lower notes of the fretboard. Also, how you can punctuate an ordinary solo with some low-note punches. 42:13
  • Jimmy fires through dozens of "plug and play" licks that you can steal, swipe and add to your Texas shuffle or any I-IV-V blues. Your band and jam buddies are going to think you took some guitar lessons with Stevie Ray Vaughan in heaven. 44:57

"Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee."

Dig Santana? Then you'll love the next lesson.

  • It's some fiery hot Latin-groove blues. WARNING: we're not responsible if you melt off some panties with these tricks. 46:53
  • How to weave together multiple styles and create "World Music" that will win the ear, attention and respect of fans around the globe. 49:49
  • Discover some killer tricks about bluesy songwriting. Joe Satriani uses them, and you will too once you discover how powerful, simple yet effective these really are. 52:35

Save Yourself Lots of Trial And Error
With These 3 Killer "Deluxe" Blues DVDs.

So, here's the bottom line: you're gonna get a whole new bag of blues guitar tricks and the best part is that you'll start to develop your own blues style so you can express the music that's in your heart and soul.

What else can I say about Rocking the Blues Deluxe?

It's a top-quality learning product from a great teacher. You'll get hours of fun and rewards that last a lifetime.

I know you want these DVDs. You deserve them! Life is too short not to treat yourself once in a while.

You don't need to spend years trying to build "monster chops". Like Jimmy says, blues is about "comfort, not speed." All you need to do is to watch the DVDs and follow along in the tabs.

With Powertabs, Learning Has
Never Been Easier.

Not only is every note tabbed out for you, but the tabs are also provided in Powertab format so you can watch the notes go by on your computer, and each one is highlighted as its playing.

If you've never experienced this before, it's incredible. No more trying to "figure out" the rhythm of the tabs. You see it, you hear it, and you learn it.

Words really can't describe my passion for the blues and blues guitar. And I'm thrilled and honored to be able to offer you Jimmy Dillon's newest (and best) course yet: Rockin' the Blues Deluxe.

I'm also proud to offer you the best guarantee in the business.

You're Protected By
Our Famous 12 Month
Money-Back Gurantee.

Guitar Control offers a generous 12 month guarantee on all DVD courses. We want to make ordering from us an exciting and no-risk experience.

So if for any reason at all, you're not ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED AND DELIGHTED by what you're learning, then I insist you return the DVDs for a no-hassle refund.

We're here for the long term (I've been doing this since 2005) and our goal is to make you a lifelong, loyal, satisfied and happy customer...

Which means you can absolutely return a course and get a prompt refund if it doesn't meet your exact learning needs.

No B.S, no run-around, and no hard feelings.

This an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with some of the most unique and powerful blues guitar lessons ever captured on DVD.

Jimmy Dillon is a rare breed of guitar instructor, with a lifetime of knowledge, wisdom, and guitar secrets, and you would be hard pressed to find anything close to this, anywhere... And even if you could sit down with someone like Jimmy for lessons, look at how much it would cost:

Even by DVDs standards, this 3 DVD set is easily worth $150 ($50 a DVD).

But you wont pay $150.

You won't even pay $100.

We have several LOW PRICE PACAKGES available.

Just click to the next page, choose the package of your choice, and I'll rush your order right to your door, anywhere in the world.

Don't forget you're getting 3 jam-packed DVDs and 34 pages of tabs!

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of this Rockin' the Blues Deluxe course that will reward you for a lifetime.

Click the link below right now to order:

Click Here to Order Your Copy of
Rockin' the Blues Deluxe

Keep rockin,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Don't forget -- you get the early bird bonuses: The "bad and blue" album and the private webinar with Jimmy, (and a chance to win a Spear RD-BLUES guitar), but only if you order today... so what are you waiting for? Don't delay, click here to order right now!

P.P.S. Here's what guitar legends and musical insiders say about Jimmy Dillon:

"Jimmy Dillon is one of the most creative and talented artists of our day. His songs hit home and his playing and vocals make you stand up and lean forward... it was an honor for me to work with him on this brilliant new CD, and there will be a lot of happy fans when they hear it!"
- Chuck Leavell, Keyboardist for the Rolling Stones

"I love Jimmy's down-in-the-bucket blues..." - Carlos Santana

"Live at the Borderline in London, Dillon's performance was as honest as the day is long. On record he evidences an understanding of the virtues of simplicity. Shimmering bayou guitar, and a soulful seductive voice that pulls the listener in..." - MOJO Magazine

"On his record, Dillon stretches out musically, drawing from a wide pool of styles and influences. In the solid company of a gang of fellow travellers that include the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton, Dillon shows his grit on the goosebump inducing slide numbers and explores new ground with latin grooves recorded on location south of the border."
- Kevin Mathews, DJ-The LOOP, Chicago

"The Boy can play!" - John Lee Hooker

"Mr. Dillon Sir, All I can say is, damn, this is the instructional DVD that I have been waiting for. I just received your "Soul Of Acoustic Guitar" last week and I am lovin' every second of it. I have purchased many, many instructional guitar DVD's and your is by far the best. Your video is perfect! You start out slow on each lesson and explain your techniques clearly. Plus, you just have a really great style. I will, without a doubt, purchase any instructional DVD you put out in the future. What the hell took you so long?

I look forward to more..." - Bart L. Black

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